Broken Cell Phone? We Repair iPhones & All Major Cell Phones!


Drop your phone in the water? Broke your phones screen this morning at work? Has your tablet been used as a floor matte? Smartphones and Tablets are becoming just as important – if not more important – as laptop and desktop computers. With everyone relying more and more on these devices, when something goes wrong with your smartphone or tablet, it can completely disrupt your life. At Thumb Office Supply, we offer smartphone and tablet screen repair for all popular devices. If you live in the Bad Axe area we are just around the corner.

A cracked screen is one of the most common issues with smartphones and tablets, but it is certainly not the only smartphone and tablet issue we are able to fix. In addition to our screen repair services, we offer many other services.

*Screen Repair  ———— Starting at $75.00

*Battery Replacement —- Starting at $50.00

*Charge Port Repair——- Starting at $55.00

*Data Recovery————- Starting at $55.00

*Speaker Replacement—- Starting at $45.00

*Microphone Replacement Starting at $45.00

Data recovery is one of the more crucial cellphone repair services we offer. With many people in Bad Axe, across Michigan and around the world using their phones as cameras and day planners, losing data can be a huge problem. We are often able to repair your phone and recover your favorite photos and data when something goes wrong. In addition, if you decide to get a new phone, we can also migrate your photos and apps to the new device. We also recommend backing up your cellphone data and installing loss prevention software, which can help find a misplaced or stolen iPhone or cellphone.

Whether you need your screen replaced or any other general repair services for your cellphone, bring your device to Thumb Office Supply at our Bad Axe, Michigan location today, and let us help you get your phone back up and running fast.